About Us

Dear Customers, we are glad to meet you at our company’s history page, we would have never achieved such results without your help!

Early 90s

That’s when everything started for Canadian Health&Care Mall. Our Pharmacy began as a multistore based in Toronto and Ottawa in early 90s. Health&Care chain store system had been growing from year to year and finally resulted in the current online project, as a result of operating as a family pharmacy selling drugs at a reasonable price. We tried to make the best use of our previous experience and to create a really competitive online resource suitable for absolutely any customer.

Though the idea is common, you may be quite sure that the implementation is unique and has no analogues over the Internet. Our online store is operating independently from the offline store system.


We realized that the pharmaceutical success lies in the Internet. That is why we invested all our efforts in the development of qualitative Online Department of Health&Care Mall, creating the online drug store.

Day by day we improved the online department of Canadian Health&Care Mall. We conquered the hearts of thousands of our regular customers by in-time delivery, certified medications & hiqh-quality customer support service. This is when we developed our own unique customer support ticket system.

Our Customer Service Department is committed to delivering the highest level of service to our customers both online and offline. This is why Canadian Health&Care Mall can boast a great number of refill orders and is recognized worldwide.

Quality of all our medications is guaranteed by The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association (CPA). Shopping at Canadian Health&Care Mall you may be absolutely sure that you buy medication of the best possible quality, licensed and working. We are working shoulder to shoulder with largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors of the World, so we have direct access to the newest inventions of the drug world.


This period is mostly devoted to product line extension. We have added lots of new products both in the existing and completely new categories. We have also signed contracts with a number of courier services to make our delivery faster and more secure. As we work with direct suppliers we don’t need to use any local Canadian warehouses, thus saving your and our money. Rent fees pose no problem for our online store either. So, we work for you, doing our best to decrease prices with any possible means and ways without compromising the quality of our products and services.

A team of top professionals in medical science, pharmacology, management, distribution & customer support has been working for a number of years to make you healthy and satisfied! We are always glad to see you again at Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Dr. Edward B. Armington
CEO of Canadian Health&Care Mall