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Short Description

Lanoxin (generic name: Digoxin / Digitalis; brand names: Digitek / Lanoxicaps) is widely used in the treatment of various heart conditions, namely chronic heart failure and/or atrial fibrillation and flutter (irregular heart rhythms caused by an electrical problem in the upper chambers of the heart).

It is derived from the leaves of Digitalis, a plant related to foxglove. Digitalis has been used medically for over 200 years.

Lanoxin works by slowing down the rate of the heart so that each heartbeat is more effective at pumping blood. In people with heart failure, it also helps to control the symptoms of tiredness, breathlessness and fluid retention.

Lanoxin may be used in premature and full term babies, infants and children.

It can also be used in elderly people, but because the elderly are more prone to the side effects of Lanoxin, it is usually used in smaller doses than in younger adults.

Lanoxin may be used to treat heart failure and/or irregular heart beats in pregnant women.

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